Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Quarter Life Crisis?

So, you've finally completed your tertiary education and graduated, the most logical thing to do next is to get a good job, earn good money yadaa yadaa. Or so you've been told. Right?

But have you ever find yourself asking, "What should I really do with my life?" "Should I go for a job or should I start something of my own?" "Was I actually interested in my major?" "What if I have passion in different fields that I am unable to find a career that connects all those fields?" "What if I'm stuck with a career that I couldn't connect with?" "What if I don't have enough time to check the '30-things-I should-do-before-I-turn-30' list?"

Well if you've answered YES to most of the questions, then you're surely not alone my friend! Because those questions have been pestering my mind, body and soul for the past how many months, I don't know! Haha. I call this "quarter life crisis" symptoms! And I'm not even 25 yet! Crap!


Now that I've passed that phase,  Now that I've taken quite some time for myself to think about this whole "quarter life crisis" issue and why I've been feeling this way, I hope to share with you people a few things I wish I've discovered earlier.

1) Do not wait until the right time! There is no such thing as the right timing. Because truth is, you have the power to make that second, the right time! Every second counts! Now it is time to really do something or to start doing what you've always wanted to do. And eventually, you will find that you are actually going to the right direction.

2) Don't limit yourself. It's okay to be cautious with things you want to do in life, but as long as it wouldn't harm you in a long run (or short run), just go for it! Do random stuff. Go hiking. Volunteer at the oldfolks home. Plan random weekend getaway. Sign up for music lessons (even you just don't have the musical blood running in you). Or, you can always buy cheap discount coupouns at GROUPON! Haha!

3) Accept changes. Most of us know that our current state of life is not the ideal state that we've always been dreaming of. We want to do a lot better, but only some of us have the courage to accept the fact that they can change their situation. I mean, we are responsible of our own happiness, not anyone else!

4) Don't ponder on the past for too long! It's okay to look back, regret on a few things that we could've done better. Coulda, woulda, shoulda! We're only human anyway! But what's not okay is to think that we could go back to our past and change it. No dude, you don't have the power to do that. So, what you can do is to make your future counts!

5) Never settle for something that is second best. Maybe there are times that you think you've strived hard enough and you just want to settle with what you have. Well, don't! Because you can always improve yourself, do better.

The world is your oyster, baby! Take risks, fail, repeat but never surrender!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

A Post Worth A Thousand Words

I was supposed to write about this long long time ago. But I was too busy and I always wanted to find the right time, because I want this post to be perfect!

But just recently a wise friend said to me, "We are always getting ready to live but never living."

So, thanks to her, I couldn't think of a more perfect time to write about this, but NOW!

People, last 17 February 2011, with all the blessings from God, endless support from two most important people of my life, bottomless words of encouragement from siblings, friends and the greatest companionship of 3years, I've finally graduated with a Bsc of Applied Geology from Curtin University of Technology.


I'm not that smart-a** who could survive a Degree alone. Binge-eating, late-night studies, field-trips, thesis-writing, I owe it most to my batch-mate. So, this post is for these people, I wouldn't be graduating without you guys, seriously!


It was a summer graduation, by summer I mean 38 Degrees Celcius of heat in Perth. I complained to Mom about how hot it was and she replied "This is only panas dunia, not panas akhirat yet." *Gulppp*

So these are my few of many other 'hats-off' pictures. It's one of the mandatory pose people would be taking when graduating. 

Oo well, you only graduate once (unless you want to continue with your Masters), so why not go all out? Haha.


I never knew that graduation caremony could take so long. I mean, I could hear my stomach growling when I was queuing. 

Geology students were among the last departments to be called up that night, so we promised to clap so hard when any one of us was on stage.

 There were so many people graduating, so whenever we got confused, we could just identify each other by the sash colour. The green sash is meant for Department of Engineering and Science.

The one person that was responsible for my make-up and hair-do for that day is my friend here, Farrah Buhtamam. Without her, I'd be looking like a dead zombie. Thank you love!

Friday, 3 June 2011

Maroon 5 Live in KL

Ok this is ancient, but I made it to Maroon 5 concert! Wooohoooo. 

It was unplanned, a friend of mine was selling her tickets on FB, and so I asked Kim whether she wanted to go or not. Long story short, we made it! Haha.

Was never a huge fan of Maroon 5, I mean yeah I know a couple of their songs. 

"I don't mind spending everyday
Out on your corner in the pouring rain
Look for the girl with the broken smile
Ask her if she wants to stay awhile
And she will be loved
And she will be loved
And she will be loved
And she will be loved"

Because the truth is ..

I . Went. There. Because. I. Wanted . To. See. Adam Levine!!! Oh, my long lost lover.
Okay now, I sound like a sore loser. Haha.

Anyway we had fun although I was basically miming most of the time since I don't know most of the lyrics by heart. Kim was pretty good since she knows most of the songs. Oh, and she caught me googling the lyrics on my Blackberry. Gahhh. *Fail*

 It might not be the best seat, but hey Adam & me, we breathed the same air that night!

Forgive the pictures, we were just trying to get into the mood!

Met Khay at the concert too!

Andddd, I met Yasmin from highschool. What a small world!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Comedy Club KL

Went to The Comedy Club "April Foolery and Fun" show last Saturday! It was at Bentley Music Auditorium, the building with a huge guitar on top of it (next to Ikea). Went with 3 other friends and we thought we couldn't make it because the car broke down an hour before the show. Long story short, I managed to jump start the car and Ta-Da the engine roared again. *Ahem* me jump-started a car*Ahem*.

It was my first time going to a stand-up comedy show. I've never been to a show where you are allowed to laugh as loud as you want to. So when they host went out and warmed us up with some humour, my friend laughed and he was among one of the few that were laughing so hard. 

 So, I went, "Shhh, not too loud".  
Then he said, "What? I paid them to humour me. Now I'm not allowed to laugh?"


 Josiah Mizukami, the host of the night! He's one of the CLEO 50 Most Eligible Bachelor
Drop him a vote, ladies!  :)

The 1st stand-up comedian of the night was Tony Kinne from Australia. 

Then there was Mary Burke from Ireland :
"Today is my 10th wedding anniversary. I'm so lucky, I marry the ONE. Ranking from ONE to TEN." Geddit, geddit? Haha.

Anddddd, the highlight of the night was of course, Harith Iskandar!!!!

I mean, how could you not laugh, just by looking at that face?

Maybe it's just me but his jokes are totally relatate-able to our Malaysian culture lah! Oh god, I can't even quote him coz it's too darn funny, it's not quote-able!! Yeap, he's that good. His level of humour is beyonddd! Man, you're fly. I'd totally marry someone as funny as him. Then, I'd be humoured for the rest of my life ! Free of Charge. Haha.

I went on the 23rd April, and sadly that was the last show for the month of April. Don't frown just yet as they have many upcoming shows planned throughout the year, visit The Comedy Club KL to check them out. See y'all there!!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Indomee Burger + Milo Ice

People!! I've been craving for Indomee Burger for the past month.
Indomee burger is ---> Indomee + Burger Ramly.

Simple and easy to make. I've tried making it but the taste isn't the same as the one I've eaten (I totally forgot where did I have the first taste of this magnificent-not-so-sophisticated cuisine) .

Andddddddd, last week I finally had my Indomee Burger at this mamak place my friend recommended me, Bestari at Solaris Dutamas.

I didn't wait to sit properly to order; "Indomee Burger dgn Milo Ice satu". Haha. Terrible monster.

Manchester City and Manchester United were playing so it was tad bit crowded. There were screams and manly-tears from Man-U fans, but  that didn't stop me from enjoying my Indomee Burger till the very last bite! It tasted exactly the same way I pictured it. Yummssyy.

I was so happy that I actually twit about  it!

We went there after watching this movie 'Scream 4' at One Utama.

Most popular quote of the movie; "What's your favourite horror movie?"

I couldn't help but noticed the Bieber hair on top of this huge Tune Talk simcard. Haha. Man, Bieber is really a phenomenon!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Big Sister

Big sisters are the crab grass in the lawn of life.  ~Charles M. Schulz

My big sister and I have quite huge age gaps. So when we were little, we didn't get along that well. She used to cubit me and she made me want to run away from home. I'm not kidding, I was 6 at that time. 

After I went to boarding school, we got closer. Maybe because we didn't see each other that often. Haha.

She's so great in cooking and the good thing about it is, she always cook for me whenever I'm home. She can cook anything from Mee Bandung to Chicken Chop to Chappati. And she can bake too, dammn.

No kidding! That's why I'm not really a good cook, coz I got my big sister, the saviour. She always took over the kitchen whenever mom wasn't around. The only thing mom asked me to do was to reheat the dishes. She doesn't trust my relationship with kitchen. Haha.

My sister has a cookblog, so feel free to drop by and ask her for recipes or tips.

Anyway, we had a girly sister dinner date at Garden OneUtama last week. Have you guys been there? The place is awesomely nice. Romantic and calming setting, white and green theme with piano playing as the background. The menu is nice and the price is very reasonable too!

Loving the 'Garden-ish' theme

Me sistah

 The Garden Beef Burger

 Marinara pasta

Piano and mini-fountain

Happy stomach, growling no more :)

Hey shawty, it's your birthday

I've always despised birthdays, coz it left you with a lot of expectations. I mean, you would want everything to turn out perfect on your birthday and if it didn't, you would pout and sulk. I was talking about me, by the way!

So, this year I figured that I did not want to expect anything. But hey, it didn't turn out as bad.

I turned 23 last March. Man, that's quite a number huh? On the night of my birthday, I had a deep thought of what's ahead of my life. What have I achieved so far? You know the accomplishment crap. I hate it when I switched into that "accomplishment crap mode". It left me feeling, mmm 'unaccomplished'? I mean, I've only ticked 2 out of 30 things on my list of 'Things I should do before I turn 30'. That's not goooooooodddd.

And I think I've fallen into a state where I think I'm too old for anything fun. I'm too old for a fancy birthday party, I'm too old for Facebook, I'm too old for Twitter. I even think I'm too old for blogging.

But you know what? Truth is, you're never too old for anything. It is never too late for you to try out something new, I mean that's what keeps your life fun. Fun = Young = No wrinkles.
Age is just a number and we shouldn't let the digits get the hold of us.

So here's to 'I'm-not-too-old-for-anything".

Special appearance, our very own Ziana Zain. Woot woot. So cool ryte? Hehe.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Dropped your Blackberry in the Water?

1) When you've dropped your Blackberry, the first logical thing to do is obviously to get it out from the water, pronto! (Duhh)

2) Next, you don't do anything but pull the battery and wipe it dry

3) Store the battery in a dry, cool place

4) As for for your Blackberry, there are a few options that you can try to do to save it. 

Here's the Do's and Dont's


  • Do store your baby in a container of rice. Yes, you heard me, the uncooked rice or 'beras'. The idea is that this will suck the moisture out of your wet phone as rice, eventually rendering it operable. However, and I cannot state this strongly enough, wait 48 hours before inserting the battery!
  • Do expose your device in an air-conditioned room for approximately 72 hours, this works miraculously. Try it!
  • Do not blow dry your Blackberry as it will only force the water molecules further into the small components, as the air blows inward. 
  • Do not expose you Blackberry under direct hot-glazing sun light

Goodluck! And of course the tips are applicable to other mobile phones as well :)

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Love/Hate Relationship

U celebrate new year, went on a romantic date on Valentine’s Day, and the next thing you know, it’s March alreadyyy???
I’ve always loved March, because it’s the month of my *ehem* BIRTHDAY *ehem*.
But, I hate the fact that March comes by so fast and it sort of has its own way of telling me that; ” ‘Time is passing by, how’s ur New Year resolution going?”
Sucks right? Haha.

So, maybe it's time to re-evaluate our New Year resolution. I know I would!
I'd love to write more, but I gotta sleep now. Nighttt. Don’t let the bed bug bites.

Cooling off the Heat!

My entire week was all about  ‘home – uni – gym – group meeting – home’.  It was deliberately stressful and oh-so-boring, but hey what shall be done needed to be done, right? Had to do that if I want to put that magical robe on with a scroll on my hand.  I had my last group presentation of the semester  (though it didn’t went well as expected), but I should be glad that at least it was over now. Phewww *huge relief*.
I wasn’t the only one who got so beaten up with the busy schedule, because apparently my housemate was having one hell of crazy week herself. It was even worst for her;  the new PC broke down 2 days before her assignment due. Pffftttt.  I swear, life’s harsh liddat. If one of us slammed the door when we came home, its best for the other one to avoid the ‘danger zone’ in order to prevent unnecessary confrontation. We are both in our final semester, so yea! Haha.
It was Friday, and we’ve called it a week. To put off the stress and cool off the heat, we went chilling and treat ourselves with some real meal. We took our time choosing clothes, putting make up, wearing heels just so we could feel good again. After all, we sort of needed that.
We had a good time and massive amount of calories intake that night. But who cares about the calories, the food was yummehhh.
Meet my housemate, Putri (as in Princess).

The yummy Bolognese Cheese Nachos, no one could resist.

Err, I didn’t finish this all by myself, did i? :p

Cookies & Cream. See, I’m very easy to pleased.

Have a great weekend y'all! 

Friday, 11 February 2011

"Study Hard"

Shocking news is, “Statistics say around 95% of young adult aged 20-35 do not have a dream in life!”
So peeps, raise up your hand if you can tell me what is you dream ????
It has been in our culture, where starting at the age of 7, our parents will tell us to ‘study hard’ so that we can get a ‘stable job’.  Yes, we’ve been sent to school, so that we can earn our Bachelor Degree and get a ‘stable job’ at the ‘big company’. That kind of thought has been instilled from our great great great grandfather’s generation up until now.
I’ve studied hard all years of my life. I spent three quarters of my living as a person ‘studying hard’ so that I could get good results. Don’t get me wrong, I’m  very grateful for whatever that has been given to me by God. I won’t achieved what I had if it’s not because of His will. I’m very very thankful for that.
I learned how to read at the age of 4, I passed the UPTS when I was in Primary 3, I got 5A’s for my UPSR, 8A’s for my PMR and straight A’s for my SPM. Did my International Baccalaureate right after high school and finished my Bachelor Degree in Applied Geology just last year.
It has been set in my mind to ‘study hard’. I’ve been programmed to do so since I was a toddler.
So, now what? Get a good stable job at a big stable company??
People, let me ask you, is ‘studying hard’ makes you one step closer to your dreams in life? Do you have any sense of accomplishment after ‘studying hard’ and finished your formal tertiary education?
And, what does it mean by having a ‘stable job’? Does it mean –> Insurance benefits by the company? Loan granted by the bank? Let the HR department grade you and put your price??
If you answer YES to most of my questions just now, it means that you’ve not been going after your passion and dreams but you’ve been going for security and assurance instead.
But then again what is dream and passion? There’s more to life than just ‘study hard’ and get a ‘stable job’
Hmmmm.. Something for all of us to ponder on.