Tuesday, 21 September 2010

It's Not Just a Job

So you went to kindergarten, and the teacher started asking you what you want to be when you grow up. Your 5year-old classmates started rising their hands, and answered ‘doctor’, ‘engineer’,'scientist’, ‘astronaut’ and all other top-notch jobs.
Oh man, the pressure was officially on! That’s it, I had to find my dream job in 5 quick seconds before my kindergarten teacher started to judge me for being less ambitious than others. So, I raised up my hand and told her I wanted to be a doctor. I know, lame right? Not that I ended up being one. Pfftt.
But not long after I was in primary years, I changed my ambition to engineer for what reason- I’ve forgotten. There was also this one phase where I wanted to become a lawyer just because I won this story-telling competition. I could talk to myself in front of the mirror for hours. I remembered my sister rolling her eyes everytime she passed by my room, obviously annoyed. Haha. Don’t blame the kid for having a dream.
Then I went to high school where I couldn’t care less about what I was going to do in future. For all I know, I had fun and I was busy exploring other things. U know the high school stuff. Being in a clique, busy hating the discipline teachers, busy tryna fool the senior prefects. Oh, I went to all girls school, so I was totally free from any ‘boys’ drama. Thank God for that.
So now here I am, in my last two months of my formal tertiary education. Occupied with all ‘geologist’ stuff. Thesis, field-tripssss (which I learnt to love), labworks, presentations and all other final year thingy I’m sure all of u are familiar with. I never thought of taking up this course. Whatttttt? Geology?!!
If you should know I wasn’t really an outdoor person. Going in the jungle, staying out in the sun tryna figure out the geological structure of the rock, camping out for 8hours by the river doing river sampling, hiking up the hill to see the boundary of the formations (Alright, I should stop before I bore you with all the geological terms) – is sooo not my thing. At least not in the list of things I would enjoy doing.
After 3 years of being in a love-hate relationship with this course, I suprised myself when I realized that I’ve come to a term with all these stuffs and learnt to embrace them. After all, let’s face it, this is gonna be my job and hating your job is like hating yourself.

List of things I’d never forget to bring along whenever I went to the field :
1) Heaps of water supply
2) Sunscreen
3) Vaseline
4) Did I mention sunscreen?
5) Towels
6) Blackberry/Ipod/Camera
7) Shades (the one that cover half of your face)
8 ) Hand sanitizer
9) Insect repellent
10) Hat (that have a radius of 1m from your head)

Our 8hours river sampling session that turned out to be a lil camping trip. Not that I was psych, but enough for us to stay out of boredom.

We noticed this lost cute lil creature, released it back to wood. I know you couldn’t thanked us enough, Mr Tortoise (or not? I’m not sure of its name)

What you do is not just a job, it’s who you are! So, do it your way, whatever life brings you!! *flips hair*

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Yo, who's trippin?

I’ve spontaneously decided to have my personal blog!
Ok, now what? I write about my life (which isn’t that exciting btw) and let everyone in the whole universe read it? I don't usually open up to strangers. How lah?  God, I’m not good at this but I guess there must be a reason why I have all this bravery in me to start blogging. We'll see how many post would I write in a month. HAHA!
I was actually in the middle of doing my assignment when I had this  thought to google ‘blogspot’ and setup an account. Okay, back to assignment!
One of my very courageous act so far !