Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Comedy Club KL

Went to The Comedy Club "April Foolery and Fun" show last Saturday! It was at Bentley Music Auditorium, the building with a huge guitar on top of it (next to Ikea). Went with 3 other friends and we thought we couldn't make it because the car broke down an hour before the show. Long story short, I managed to jump start the car and Ta-Da the engine roared again. *Ahem* me jump-started a car*Ahem*.

It was my first time going to a stand-up comedy show. I've never been to a show where you are allowed to laugh as loud as you want to. So when they host went out and warmed us up with some humour, my friend laughed and he was among one of the few that were laughing so hard. 

 So, I went, "Shhh, not too loud".  
Then he said, "What? I paid them to humour me. Now I'm not allowed to laugh?"


 Josiah Mizukami, the host of the night! He's one of the CLEO 50 Most Eligible Bachelor
Drop him a vote, ladies!  :)

The 1st stand-up comedian of the night was Tony Kinne from Australia. 

Then there was Mary Burke from Ireland :
"Today is my 10th wedding anniversary. I'm so lucky, I marry the ONE. Ranking from ONE to TEN." Geddit, geddit? Haha.

Anddddd, the highlight of the night was of course, Harith Iskandar!!!!

I mean, how could you not laugh, just by looking at that face?

Maybe it's just me but his jokes are totally relatate-able to our Malaysian culture lah! Oh god, I can't even quote him coz it's too darn funny, it's not quote-able!! Yeap, he's that good. His level of humour is beyonddd! Man, you're fly. I'd totally marry someone as funny as him. Then, I'd be humoured for the rest of my life ! Free of Charge. Haha.

I went on the 23rd April, and sadly that was the last show for the month of April. Don't frown just yet as they have many upcoming shows planned throughout the year, visit The Comedy Club KL to check them out. See y'all there!!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Indomee Burger + Milo Ice

People!! I've been craving for Indomee Burger for the past month.
Indomee burger is ---> Indomee + Burger Ramly.

Simple and easy to make. I've tried making it but the taste isn't the same as the one I've eaten (I totally forgot where did I have the first taste of this magnificent-not-so-sophisticated cuisine) .

Andddddddd, last week I finally had my Indomee Burger at this mamak place my friend recommended me, Bestari at Solaris Dutamas.

I didn't wait to sit properly to order; "Indomee Burger dgn Milo Ice satu". Haha. Terrible monster.

Manchester City and Manchester United were playing so it was tad bit crowded. There were screams and manly-tears from Man-U fans, but  that didn't stop me from enjoying my Indomee Burger till the very last bite! It tasted exactly the same way I pictured it. Yummssyy.

I was so happy that I actually twit about  it!

We went there after watching this movie 'Scream 4' at One Utama.

Most popular quote of the movie; "What's your favourite horror movie?"

I couldn't help but noticed the Bieber hair on top of this huge Tune Talk simcard. Haha. Man, Bieber is really a phenomenon!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Big Sister

Big sisters are the crab grass in the lawn of life.  ~Charles M. Schulz

My big sister and I have quite huge age gaps. So when we were little, we didn't get along that well. She used to cubit me and she made me want to run away from home. I'm not kidding, I was 6 at that time. 

After I went to boarding school, we got closer. Maybe because we didn't see each other that often. Haha.

She's so great in cooking and the good thing about it is, she always cook for me whenever I'm home. She can cook anything from Mee Bandung to Chicken Chop to Chappati. And she can bake too, dammn.

No kidding! That's why I'm not really a good cook, coz I got my big sister, the saviour. She always took over the kitchen whenever mom wasn't around. The only thing mom asked me to do was to reheat the dishes. She doesn't trust my relationship with kitchen. Haha.

My sister has a cookblog, so feel free to drop by and ask her for recipes or tips.

Anyway, we had a girly sister dinner date at Garden OneUtama last week. Have you guys been there? The place is awesomely nice. Romantic and calming setting, white and green theme with piano playing as the background. The menu is nice and the price is very reasonable too!

Loving the 'Garden-ish' theme

Me sistah

 The Garden Beef Burger

 Marinara pasta

Piano and mini-fountain

Happy stomach, growling no more :)

Hey shawty, it's your birthday

I've always despised birthdays, coz it left you with a lot of expectations. I mean, you would want everything to turn out perfect on your birthday and if it didn't, you would pout and sulk. I was talking about me, by the way!

So, this year I figured that I did not want to expect anything. But hey, it didn't turn out as bad.

I turned 23 last March. Man, that's quite a number huh? On the night of my birthday, I had a deep thought of what's ahead of my life. What have I achieved so far? You know the accomplishment crap. I hate it when I switched into that "accomplishment crap mode". It left me feeling, mmm 'unaccomplished'? I mean, I've only ticked 2 out of 30 things on my list of 'Things I should do before I turn 30'. That's not goooooooodddd.

And I think I've fallen into a state where I think I'm too old for anything fun. I'm too old for a fancy birthday party, I'm too old for Facebook, I'm too old for Twitter. I even think I'm too old for blogging.

But you know what? Truth is, you're never too old for anything. It is never too late for you to try out something new, I mean that's what keeps your life fun. Fun = Young = No wrinkles.
Age is just a number and we shouldn't let the digits get the hold of us.

So here's to 'I'm-not-too-old-for-anything".

Special appearance, our very own Ziana Zain. Woot woot. So cool ryte? Hehe.