Friday, 3 December 2010

Spa Day Out

The 1st prize winner for Faces Curtin Photo Contest 2010. Big fat congratulations to Johan Iskandar!

*Long overdue post*
I woke up early, did some work. And then, around 12 noon, I was off to……
a 5-star seaside spa resort at Mandara Spa, Miri Marriot Resort & Spa *jumping up and down*
Okok, the reason why I was so excited is that I got a free massage treatment voucher. I’m a sucker for anything free (hey, it’s free why not?). I used to have this matches collection of every single hotel, when I went for holidays with my family. My mom got sick of it, she threw all of them without asking me when I was in boarding school (Yes, very supportive of u, mom).

The free voucher(s). Thanks Mandara Spa :)

Note that there are two vouchers. Wonder who was the other one coming along? It was Seqam aka Johan Iskandar Mohd Nasir, the best photographer in town, I swear. Hehe.

I like the deco of Mandara Spa, very Balinese-ish.  I was asked to come 15 minutes earlier than the appointment time. So, I managed to snap a few pictures before going into the treatment room.

The refreshment. Ginger tea and minty hand towel.

Mani-pedi section

So I went into the private treatment room, changed into just sarong and I was given a foot massage and scrub. Then off we went to the real deal, the Oil Head Massage.  I got to choose the type of ointment for the massage. I was in the middle of writing my thesis report at that time, so I chose ‘Tranquilizer Oil’ as I wanted a calm and soothing massage. I drowned in the  soft hand of the Balinese masseuses. I swear, at that moment of time, it was like nothing else matters.
The next thing I heard was “Maam, you can get up now”.  And I was like “Did you set the time correctly? ” Haha. 
The treatment room

Foot massage and scrub corner

Outdoor bathroom. Thank god, the glass is tinted.

I was about to give the spa 10/10 for the great services, but they don’t have a hairdryer. So I think I gave 9.5/10 instead.
I had to dry my hair the ‘traditional way’. Pftt.


Remember I told you earlier, that the spa voucher was free and I told you about my spa-partner, Johan? The vouchers were the 1st prize gift for Faces of Curtin Photo Contest 2010. He is such a gentleman that he shared the voucher with me. So sweet, right?
Johan and me, with the Balinese masseuses.
Thank you Johan for the spa day out. I wish you will be one of the top photographers in Malaysia with many pretty snaps. And oh, a successful geologist too!

Monday, 25 October 2010

I'll See You Soon, Adulthood

Today, I received my last scholarship allowance (of err my entire life?)!!!!
I am now left with only a few meters away from the ‘adulthood-starting-line’. I can already see the signboard from far.
I couldn’t describe the feeling when my friend told me it was going to be our last allowance, but I could tell you that it wasn’t the most joyful moment of my life.
Not that I was depending 100% on the allowance (coz apparently I still had to ask for extra from my parents), but it’s a sign that I’m reaching the end of my ‘carefree-student-life’ where it is okay to ask money anytime of the month.
And I’m  about to enter another new phase of life, where you are entitled to :
1) Have responsibility of your own bills
2) Manage your own spending within the salary range (which would be incredibly hard to do!!)
3) Wake up bright and early every morning as you’re going to have a 8am ‘class’ everyday!
I spent my entire day, trying to  make sense out of it and  I was  stumbled with all the questions in my head until I realized that this is part of life, it’s a process of growing up. For what it’s worth, I’d brave myself , take up this challenge and embrace it. Come what may.
I’ll see you soon, adulthood.. *ehem*