Friday, 3 December 2010

Spa Day Out

The 1st prize winner for Faces Curtin Photo Contest 2010. Big fat congratulations to Johan Iskandar!

*Long overdue post*
I woke up early, did some work. And then, around 12 noon, I was off to……
a 5-star seaside spa resort at Mandara Spa, Miri Marriot Resort & Spa *jumping up and down*
Okok, the reason why I was so excited is that I got a free massage treatment voucher. I’m a sucker for anything free (hey, it’s free why not?). I used to have this matches collection of every single hotel, when I went for holidays with my family. My mom got sick of it, she threw all of them without asking me when I was in boarding school (Yes, very supportive of u, mom).

The free voucher(s). Thanks Mandara Spa :)

Note that there are two vouchers. Wonder who was the other one coming along? It was Seqam aka Johan Iskandar Mohd Nasir, the best photographer in town, I swear. Hehe.

I like the deco of Mandara Spa, very Balinese-ish.  I was asked to come 15 minutes earlier than the appointment time. So, I managed to snap a few pictures before going into the treatment room.

The refreshment. Ginger tea and minty hand towel.

Mani-pedi section

So I went into the private treatment room, changed into just sarong and I was given a foot massage and scrub. Then off we went to the real deal, the Oil Head Massage.  I got to choose the type of ointment for the massage. I was in the middle of writing my thesis report at that time, so I chose ‘Tranquilizer Oil’ as I wanted a calm and soothing massage. I drowned in the  soft hand of the Balinese masseuses. I swear, at that moment of time, it was like nothing else matters.
The next thing I heard was “Maam, you can get up now”.  And I was like “Did you set the time correctly? ” Haha. 
The treatment room

Foot massage and scrub corner

Outdoor bathroom. Thank god, the glass is tinted.

I was about to give the spa 10/10 for the great services, but they don’t have a hairdryer. So I think I gave 9.5/10 instead.
I had to dry my hair the ‘traditional way’. Pftt.


Remember I told you earlier, that the spa voucher was free and I told you about my spa-partner, Johan? The vouchers were the 1st prize gift for Faces of Curtin Photo Contest 2010. He is such a gentleman that he shared the voucher with me. So sweet, right?
Johan and me, with the Balinese masseuses.
Thank you Johan for the spa day out. I wish you will be one of the top photographers in Malaysia with many pretty snaps. And oh, a successful geologist too!