Monday, 25 October 2010

I'll See You Soon, Adulthood

Today, I received my last scholarship allowance (of err my entire life?)!!!!
I am now left with only a few meters away from the ‘adulthood-starting-line’. I can already see the signboard from far.
I couldn’t describe the feeling when my friend told me it was going to be our last allowance, but I could tell you that it wasn’t the most joyful moment of my life.
Not that I was depending 100% on the allowance (coz apparently I still had to ask for extra from my parents), but it’s a sign that I’m reaching the end of my ‘carefree-student-life’ where it is okay to ask money anytime of the month.
And I’m  about to enter another new phase of life, where you are entitled to :
1) Have responsibility of your own bills
2) Manage your own spending within the salary range (which would be incredibly hard to do!!)
3) Wake up bright and early every morning as you’re going to have a 8am ‘class’ everyday!
I spent my entire day, trying to  make sense out of it and  I was  stumbled with all the questions in my head until I realized that this is part of life, it’s a process of growing up. For what it’s worth, I’d brave myself , take up this challenge and embrace it. Come what may.
I’ll see you soon, adulthood.. *ehem*

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Don't Play God

Movie Review : Splice (2009)
Have u watched this movie ‘SPLICE’ ?  The movie is directed by Vincenzo Natali and  I would say that it’s a good combo of science-ficition-horror.
I found this movie sooo interesting and the way he review the characters are so realistic and engaging. I cried out of horror in the end of the movie, okay?

The film was about this young scientist couple; Elsa and Clive who worked for this pharmaceutical company. They were hired to splice the DNA of different animals to create incredible new hybrid animals which produced useful by-products like proteins, for example.
The interesting part was when Elsa (the wife) decided to create a new hybrid lifeform with bits of human DNA. Her husband, Clive didn’t agree with her crazy idea, but followed anyhow.
The experiment succeeded and the creature turned out to be more human than they expected. Oh, except that this creature had a stinger and a different form of legs.

It’s kinda creepy right?

The creature grew up and Elsa who had formed a maternal bond named her ‘Dren’ (Nerd, backwards). The ‘childless’ Elsa played a role of Dren’s mother and dressed her up like a baby-girl. She even gave Dren her favourite doll when she was younger.

The baby-Dren

Dren was kept in one of the rooms in the lab. As their lab becomes exceedingly crowded, and Dren has grown to become a teenager, they decided to move Dren into Elsa’s old farm house before Dren got discovered.

Dren and Elsa at Elsa’s old farm house

Elsa who realized the changes in Dren as a teenager, taught Dren about the girly stuff like make-ups and jeweleries.

The teenager-Dren

Meanwhile, Dren has become more rebellious and violent towards Elsa. She has evolved to become an omnivour with retractable wings coming out from her back.

Wings yo!

The climax of the story was when Dren seduced Clive and they had an intercourse. Elsa came home during the sexual encounter and she had a heated argument with Clive. Clive felt cheated to find out that Elsa’s DNA was used in creating Dren.

Dren and Clive (Elsa’s husband) getting intimate

Deciding to deal with Dren, they went back to the farm, only to discover her body in the water tank, apparently dead. They burnt Dren’s body and was more than shocked to find Dren alive. Dren was actually in coma as the body was changing into a MALE!
The male-Dren became more violent (duhhh); Dren killed Clive and raped Elsa. However, Dren was dead after being smashed with a boulder of rock by Elsa.
At the end of the movie, Elsa was shown pregnant of Dren’s baby.


Interesting, no? If there’s one lesson I’ve learnt from the movie is that, we human can’t play God. We are not the creator. Elsa and Clive created a new life form and that act has eventually backfired them.
Even with the top-notch technologies and scientists who know chromosomes and DNA from the back of their hand- we could not beat the power of God. I’m definitely not against technologies (I loveeeeee technologies), but there are certain things technologies couldn’t do – one of it is creating a new life form.
Let’s just leave that to God.