Monday, 28 March 2011

Dropped your Blackberry in the Water?

1) When you've dropped your Blackberry, the first logical thing to do is obviously to get it out from the water, pronto! (Duhh)

2) Next, you don't do anything but pull the battery and wipe it dry

3) Store the battery in a dry, cool place

4) As for for your Blackberry, there are a few options that you can try to do to save it. 

Here's the Do's and Dont's


  • Do store your baby in a container of rice. Yes, you heard me, the uncooked rice or 'beras'. The idea is that this will suck the moisture out of your wet phone as rice, eventually rendering it operable. However, and I cannot state this strongly enough, wait 48 hours before inserting the battery!
  • Do expose your device in an air-conditioned room for approximately 72 hours, this works miraculously. Try it!
  • Do not blow dry your Blackberry as it will only force the water molecules further into the small components, as the air blows inward. 
  • Do not expose you Blackberry under direct hot-glazing sun light

Goodluck! And of course the tips are applicable to other mobile phones as well :)

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Love/Hate Relationship

U celebrate new year, went on a romantic date on Valentine’s Day, and the next thing you know, it’s March alreadyyy???
I’ve always loved March, because it’s the month of my *ehem* BIRTHDAY *ehem*.
But, I hate the fact that March comes by so fast and it sort of has its own way of telling me that; ” ‘Time is passing by, how’s ur New Year resolution going?”
Sucks right? Haha.

So, maybe it's time to re-evaluate our New Year resolution. I know I would!
I'd love to write more, but I gotta sleep now. Nighttt. Don’t let the bed bug bites.

Cooling off the Heat!

My entire week was all about  ‘home – uni – gym – group meeting – home’.  It was deliberately stressful and oh-so-boring, but hey what shall be done needed to be done, right? Had to do that if I want to put that magical robe on with a scroll on my hand.  I had my last group presentation of the semester  (though it didn’t went well as expected), but I should be glad that at least it was over now. Phewww *huge relief*.
I wasn’t the only one who got so beaten up with the busy schedule, because apparently my housemate was having one hell of crazy week herself. It was even worst for her;  the new PC broke down 2 days before her assignment due. Pffftttt.  I swear, life’s harsh liddat. If one of us slammed the door when we came home, its best for the other one to avoid the ‘danger zone’ in order to prevent unnecessary confrontation. We are both in our final semester, so yea! Haha.
It was Friday, and we’ve called it a week. To put off the stress and cool off the heat, we went chilling and treat ourselves with some real meal. We took our time choosing clothes, putting make up, wearing heels just so we could feel good again. After all, we sort of needed that.
We had a good time and massive amount of calories intake that night. But who cares about the calories, the food was yummehhh.
Meet my housemate, Putri (as in Princess).

The yummy Bolognese Cheese Nachos, no one could resist.

Err, I didn’t finish this all by myself, did i? :p

Cookies & Cream. See, I’m very easy to pleased.

Have a great weekend y'all!