Wednesday, 19 January 2011

My Baby Sister

I only have one baby sister. Mom said she got pregnant because I wanted a baby sister so much that I sucked my own toes (just because I heard some old saying that says if the youngest child of the family start sucking his/her toes, the child’s going to have another baby sister/brother). Haha, not the most brilliant kid after all. Pfffttt. See B, things I do for you.

The memory of mom getting pregnant with my baby sister was rather vague as I was not even 3 at that time. But what I do remember is I went to the mall with dad to buy a mini Hello Kitty bolster for her when she was still in Mom’s womb.

I also remember during the day she was born, I had a very high fever. Maybe because I was too nervous to meet my new sister mom was about to deliver. Dad was at home with me and my other siblings, he was giving me the Pink Cough Syrup when he got a phone call from the hospital saying that my mom just delivered a healthy baby girl.

I was excited, but once I reached the hospital, it was never the same anymore. Suddenly, I wasn’t the cute one anymore, the attention has shifted and I was left alone standing at the corner, minding my own business. I was merajuk-ing but obviously no one was kind enough to notice. Haha.

I love her nevertheless.  Pffffttttt. You know why I said so? Because when she was 4,  I freaking stepped on the dentist’s shoe when she cried while the dentist was pulling her teeth out. I scolded the dentist, saying that he should be more gentle with small kids. (Quite a gangsta huh?)

Now that we are all grown up into young ladies whom are not so *ehem* ladylike *ehem*, I might not be stepping on people’s shoes anymore but I’d do anything (maybe more than stepping on the shoes) just to protect her. 

Those days of pulling each other’s hair, fighting over toys, competing to be dad’s favourite were over but I’m glad to have a sister whom I can share everything with. We had our fuss and fights but we never fail to have each other’s back. And I thank God for that.

She’s having some rough time now, but I know her and I know she’d get through this, I know she will.

Be strong, just get the battle done and over with!
So, here’s to my babysister and a lifetime of friendship and companionship.

Love and kisses all the way to Canada!

1996, i think?