Thursday, 18 October 2012

Malaysian on Eating Out

Us being Malaysian, we loveeee eating out. From mamak place, hawker stall to the fine wine and dine restaurant! We basically whack everything because obviously we have good taste in foooodddd.

Take our infamous breakfast >>>> nasi lemak!

Oh god, it's so sinful but so yummy! Especially those seringgit nasi lemak wrapped in banana leaf and newspaper. Man, they have a bit of everything wrapped together, santan rice, anchovies, egg, peanuts and the sambal! Sometimes there have add-ons; sambal kerang, sambal sotong, paru, begedil! Fuhhhh. Best served hot!

Oh, and the cendol lorry by the roadside is the best cendol you could ever ask for. I'm not kidding!

I guess I don't have to further elaborate on us being 'overly attached' to our mamak food. Even after having proper dinner, we can still hangout at the mamak place for some late night 'snacking' on roti canai and teh tarik (or indomee burger goreng with telur mata in my case).

Okay okay, I'm a bit off tangent here.

My point is, yes the food is super yummy, nice, irresistable and all. But when was the last time we checked our cholestrol level? How sure are you that they are not recycling the same oil to fry you indomee goreng? How sure are you that they practice good hygiene whilst preparing the food?
Have you noticed more and more people our age are getting cancer these days?

Our health's condition is highly dependant on our food comsumption.
It's simple. You are what you eat! True!

So maybe it's time that we start changing our eating habit, well slowly but surely. I know it is a bit ridiculous to cook for every meal, especially during weekdays since most of us are working! I know it is a bit drastic if we suddenly have to stop eating out. I mean, I know for sure I can't give up indomee burger goreng! Or banana leaf rice.

But what we can do is, to control our portion and plan our menu. And the simplest thing to do that is by cooking. Cause you know exactly what's inside the food.

So I thought I want to give this whole heathy eating a shot. I just made my own lunch boxes, good for the entire week. Grilled chicken, boiled brocolli, baby carrots and brown rice!

To spice things up a little bit, I made other lunch option (I get bored very easily), grilled chicken with lettuce and bread.

But I have to be real too. I love (unhealthy) food! And unlike my baby sister, I'm not blessed with high metabolic rate. I'm the type of person who would gain weight EASILY if I go a bit over board with my food intake.

So, to not over indulge, I dedicate one day of the week where I allow myself to whack everything I see! Everything sinful, everything oily, everything yummy (i.e banana leaf rice)! I called this a 'cheat' day. Mind you, this is not always the case. Sometimes I had 3 cheating days in a week, or worst, 4 days! Lol. But hey, I'm trying here okay!

Oh, and exercise! But that needs another post on its own.

So now, I have to think of another healthy menu for next week! Any suggestions?


  1. Hey Diyana,

    Wah, you really luv your Indomee Goreng :p Actually mentioned them 3 times in your article. I believe that obesity is a direct result of our cruelty to our animal produce. I agree cancer could be a direct result of the food that we consume. God knows what food operators are adding to food these days (MSG, preservatives, coloring, GMO etc)

    Great article for foodies like me :) I guess we just have to strike a balance between good food and exercise. Eating everything in moderation ensures that we get to eat more choices while maintaining our weight.

    If you're interested in cooking, do check out our blog Supersize My Kitchen Recipes, food tipes, food reviews and everything about food. It is written by my wife :)

    More blogging please! Thanks for sharing Diyana

  2. Hye Jimmy,

    Firstly, I've checked out your wife's blog! Wow, she blogged about some pretty awesome stuff right there!

    Would love to blog about Yummylicious one day!

    And.. TQ for being my loyal reader. Hehe :)

    1. Hi Diyana,

      Always a pleasure reading your blog :) It's like connecting with the younger generation. Hehehe.

      Have an awesome weekend ahead!

  3. Baby sister being me right? Hee I love you! This is good, I've started eating healthy too, well as much as I can and I've started eating and drinking organic too because it is affordable here. I don't know how I'm gonna do it when I go back to Msia later :/