Thursday, 1 November 2012

Organising 101 : Accesories

I was in my organising mood last weekend.

Since most of my earrings had lost their pairs and my makeup brushes were nowhere to be found,  I thought I should focus on organising my accesories first.

Problem was....

I didn't know where to start!!!

Calmed myself down and went to Ikea instead.

But I couldn't find anything I want there. So I went to Daiso at The Curve.

Daiso is like a Doraemon's pocket shop! You can find almost EVERYTHING there, and the best thing is they only cost RM5 each!!!

I bought earring, bracelet and makeup holders.

Earring and bracelet holder

Makeup holder

Problem (almost) solved!


Do you notice the clutter of necklaces beside the makeup holder?

I didn't buy anything to hang my necklaces (and my rings and my headbands) !!!!

*slaps forhead*


Googled and found this Jewellery Organiser from Diva.

Yayyy! Let's hope they have it here in Malaysia!

Can't wait to continue my Organsing 101 Series this weekend.

Will blog about it again, when everything is, mmmm organised?

Hehe :)

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